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What is explosion-proof and intrinsically safe ?

Intrinsically safe and explosion-proof equipment limits heat and electrical energy to prevent the possibility of ignition. This may mean limiting the generation and build-up of heat to prevent the ignition temperature of a hazardous substance from being reached. In the case of electrical energy, this means preventing the possibility of sparking by keeping the voltage and current low. Preventing malfunctioning of electrical process equipment.

(Electrical equipment must sometimes be installed in hazardous locations – areas containing flammable gases, combustible gases, dust or fibres)

How are hazardous locations classified?

The North American zoning system is based on the National Electrical Code and has the following classifications.

Rating represents the general nature of the hazardous substance in the area.
Zoning indicates the degree of hazard present in the area.
Groups represent the types of hazardous substances present in the area.
In determining its classification, each room, section or area should be considered individually.

Hazardous Location Classes
Class I: Flammable gases, vapours from flammable liquids and vapours from combustible liquids.
Class II: Combustible dusts
Class III: Combustible fibres or splashes
Classification of hazardous locations
Class 1: Gases or vapours present or likely to be present at any time in concentrations sufficient to present an explosion hazard under normal operating conditions.
Division 2 Gases or vapours are not normally present and are only present in the event of a leak from some type of containment or pipework, again in potentially hazardous concentrations.
Hazardous Location Groups for Class I, Zones 1 and 2
Group A contains acetylene atmosphere.
Group B Atmospheres containing flammable gases (e.g. hydrogen) or fuels/gases containing more than 30% hydrogen by volume or gases with an equivalent hazard to hydrogen.
Group C atmosphere containing ether vapour, ethylene or cyclopropane.
Group D atmosphere containing gasoline, hexane, naphtha, benzene, butane, propane, alcohol, acetone, benzene, lacquer solvent vapour or natural gas (methane).
Class II, Hazardous Location Group for Zones 1 and 2
Group E Atmospheres containing combustible metal dusts, including aluminium, titanium, zinc and other metal dusts.
Group F Atmospheres containing carbonaceous dusts.
Group G Atmospheres containing combustible dusts not belonging to Groups E and F.

Zone System In Europe

The European zone system is based on the NEC, which follows the international zone classification developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The zone system defines hazardous locations by

Zones represent the general nature of the hazardous material and its likelihood of being present in combustible concentrations.
The group represents the type of hazard and the location of the surrounding atmosphere.
Hazardous Areas | Gases and Vapours
Zone 0: Combustible gases or vapours are present continuously or for extended periods of time.
Zone 1: Flammable gases or vapours that may be present under normal conditions.
Zone 2: Flammable gases or vapours that are unlikely to occur under normal conditions or within a short period of time.
Hazardous Area | Dust
Zone 20: Dust, fibres or flecks present continuously or for a long period of time.
Zone 21: Dust, fibres or droplets which may be present under normal conditions.
Zone 22: Dust, fibres or droplets that are unlikely to be present under normal conditions or for a short period of time.
Group I: Reserved for mines
Group II: Explosive gases (Zones 0-2)
Group IIA: Atmospheres containing propane, acetone, benzene and equivalent hazardous gases.
Group IIB: Atmospheres containing ethylene, propylene oxide, cyclopropane and equivalent dangerous gases
Group IIC: Atmospheres containing acetylene, hydrogen, carbon disulphide and equivalent dangerous gases.
Group III: Explosive dust (Zones 20-22)
Group IIIA: Atmospheres containing combustible flying materials.
Group IIIB: Atmospheres containing non-conductive dusts.
Group IIIC: Atmospheres containing conductive dusts.
Explosion-proof equipment in detail.
Explosion-proofing is the more common method of fixing the detector/sensor assembly of a gas detection system. It is designed for permanent installations where higher voltages/power are required.

The explosion-proof classification of a sensor/transmitter means that the design and construction of the housing can contain flash or explosion. These housings are usually made of cast aluminium or stainless steel. They have sufficient mass and strength to safely contain an explosion if a flammable gas or vapour penetrates the housing and the internal electronics or wiring causes an ignition.

The design must prevent any surface temperatures that may exceed the ignition temperature of the gas or vapour. If the sensing element is a high temperature device (such as a catalytic bead or “pellistor”) it may be protected by a flame arrestor to prevent the propagation of hot gases into the ambient atmosphere.

The intrinsically safe classification and design means that the electronic circuit and its wiring will not cause any sparks or arcs. It cannot store enough energy to ignite a flammable gas or vapour, nor can it generate a high enough surface temperature to cause ignition.

Intrinsically safe methods are also available for permanent installations where the detector/sensor is a relatively low power device. Almost all portable instruments are certified as intrinsically safe.

Permanent installations may include intrinsically safe barriers located outside the hazardous location. These barriers limit the amount of energy available to the equipment located in the hazardous area.

CONQUEST®, Leading Manufacturer of ATEX Explosion Proof Mobile Phone In China!

CONQUEST is a professional high-end intelligent and explosion-proof handheld terminal / Intrinsically Safe Smart Phone manufacturer, mainly engaged in intelligent three-proof dual-mode intercom handheld terminal, three-proof industrial explosion-proof handheld terminal, research and development, production and manufacturing of three-proof thermal image IOT handheld terminal, three-proof anti-vehicle intelligent terminal, three-proof anti-skycom satellite communication handheld terminal and other communication equipment, and global sales for global high-tech enterprises, and through ISO9000 and ISO14000 certification and chemical and coal explosion-proof certification. Services in the military, police, public safety, petrochemical, coal and minerals, air transport, railway transport, electric power, water conservancy and other industries.

CONQUEST ATEX Explosion Proof Mobile Devices are intrinsically safe, with an emphasis on “quality and experience”, and are strictly controlled at every step of the process, from design to production. In terms of quality, all CONQUEST Rugged Mobile products undergo a rigorous testing process with high standards and quality to ensure that every user has a perfect experience. We incorporate user feedback into our product range, which now includes all models in the CONQUEST range. We sell to our customers at low prices to keep our prices competitive. Our products have been launched in the USA, Russia, Italy, Spain, UK, France, Germany, South Africa, Czech Republic, Greece, Algeria, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Laos and are ready to go global.

CONQUEST Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phone are available with a two-year factory warranty. We believe this is the result of our excellent products, outstanding customer service and loyal customers. Most importantly, our customers come first. We know that you value your phone, which is why we offer a truly meaningful warranty. So to our long-term customers:Thank you for your request for our products.

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1. Professional Customer Service – First and foremost, we are 100% customer oriented. Our goal is to help you buy the perfect intrinsically safe phone and your satisfaction is our top priority.

We do this by publishing exclusive tests, detailed product reviews, customised buying guides and by providing real sample photos from the CONQUEST manufacturer. We strive to be the world’s most advanced resource for ATEX explosion-proof handsets / intrinsically safe handsets.

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4. Reliable customer service – Conquer employees understand that it is their personal responsibility to ensure your satisfaction. When you have a question or concern, each employee has the right to do whatever is necessary to answer your question or address your concern. If there is further cooperation, we will fully support our dealers.

What Is An Explosive Hazardous Area?

Explosives hazardous areas occur where flammable liquids, vapors, gases or combustible dusts are likely to occur in quantities sufficient to cause a fire or explosion. Often, these atmospheres are created where gas, vapors, dusts and liquids are in contact with oxygen. Hazardous areas are divided into zones, where the probability of a hazardous atmosphere being present governs the explosion risk. Some areas are more hazardous than others, since it is more likely that there are gasses present. There are explosive gas atmospheres, explosive dust atmospheres, and the explosive atmospheres which may exist in coal mines.

If you are looking for the industrial ATEX explosion proof phone for your projects, we highly recommend our 5G ATEX intrinsically safe model Conquest S20 ATEX  & S21 ATEX for you. For more information about Conquest intrinsically safe devices please Click Here .

Safety is the highest priority

At all places where flammable substances are produced, processed, transported or stored, safety is extremely important – especially in the chemical industry, petrochemical industry, in oil and natural gas production and in mining.

In order to provide the highest level of safety possible, most countryies legislations have developed corresponding conditions in the form of laws, regulations and standards. These now have to be implemented by companies because the operator of a plant is solely responsible for safe operation in accordance with the safety law, so for the industries that work in the hazardous area, using the intrinsically safe mobile phone/ATEX explosion-proof rugged phone is a mandatory requirement,

Benefits of ATEX Explosion Proof Mobile Device in the Hazardous Area?

1.Provide Safe and Secure Mobile Communications
ATEX Explosion Proof Mobile Device/Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phone provide safe and secure mobile communications in classified or hazardous areas. You can stay connected within Class 1, Zone 1 classified hazardous areas (Zone 1/21, Zone 1, Zone 2/22). Intrinsically safe cell phones must meet specific battery design standards to achieve UL, ATEX directives, or IECEx certification for use in explosive environments.

2. Equipment Life
In manufacturing, rugged industrial handpieces play a key role in the entire value chain, from material collection, inbound and outbound logistics, procurement, demand management, order fulfillment, and manufacturing process management, to product development, commercialization, and last-mile delivery. Therefore, the first benefit of a ruggedized facility is its extremely durable and tested construction, enabling the equipment to operate under extreme climatic and operating conditions, as well as their resistance to physical shock, moisture, water, heat, and even sandstorms.

3. Inventory Management
Factory and warehouse management is essential for manufacturers. These warehouses store a variety of valuable items, parts and raw materials that can be used for a variety of manufacturing processes, machine maintenance and distribution. These along with finished goods mean keeping in an organized order and having proper accountability at all times. Did you know? rfid-based rugged devices greatly help improve inventory management by extending real-time information about goods entering and leaving the warehouse without opening boxes.

4. Maintenance machinery
The success of a manufacturing unit depends on the smooth operation of all machines to maintain the required level of efficiency in the production process. The use of industrial rugged phones has proven to be very beneficial to engineers as they allow them to seamlessly update accurate information records, share and access data in real time with managers and teams, and interact easily with customers and stakeholders. Overall, ruggedized devices improve communication, consistency, synchronization, reduced downtime, faster decision making, and increased productivity.

5. Improved process visibility
All of their work now needs to be in sync with each other, which means they need to always be told which operations need attention, which items are available, which need to be replaced or filled, which orders are waiting to be delivered, and so on. This means they need to communicate with each other at different touch points with real-time data, updates and information. Here, they take advantage of the Industrial Rugged cell phone, which allows them to communicate with each other effortlessly and instantly, and most importantly, provides complete visibility of the entire manufacturing process from start to finish.

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      3 Top 4G & 5G ATEX Explosion Proof Phone/Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phone Recommend

      Conquest S18: Highly Ruggedized ATEX Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phone

      Most durable

      S18 IP68 grade waterproof and dustproof, 1.8 meters anti-drop, multi-functional Industrial Rugged Phone. Polycarbonate and glass fiber has the high strength and hardness, and TPU soft material has the excellent cushioning performance with no degumming and no color change

      Cutting-Edge Design
      • Android 8.1, IP68 Waterproof
      • Polymer 9000mAh large battery
      • Rear camera 48MP + Front camera 13MP
      • 3 charging methods (line charging, cradle charging, magnetic suction)
      Highly Ruggedized
      • Rigid anodized aluminum body
      • Reinforced with protective rubber edges for extra protection
      • Extreme shock and scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass®, glove compatible
       Other features
      • Strong Flashlight, Flash Lighting
      • Dedicated programmable buttons (PPT keys, custom-built)
      • “Dual slot DMR digital-analog intercom/analog intercom is optional
      • Infrared Remote

      Conquest S19: Multi-module Industrial Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phone

      DMR Digital/Analog Intercom
      • Dual time slot data transmission
      • Dual-channel/Support relay station
      • 4WNVHF(136- 174MHz)/
      • 350 MHzNHF(136-1 74MHz)
      • UHF(400-4Z0MHz)
      Corning Gorilla Glass

      The glass cover is made of 5th generation Corning Gorilla explosion-proof glass, Solid and durable,scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant with a silky touch, it will get you out of the awkward feeling of using a screen protectors and giving your fingers a pleasant and silky touch.

      Barcode & RFID Support
      • 2D Barcode Support: PDF41 7/QR Code/Data Matrix etc
      • 1DBarcode Support: Code128/UCC/EAN-128/AIM128/EAN-8/ISBN/ISSN > 5mail
      • LF 125KHz/134.2KHz/HF 13.56MHz
      • UHF 433MHz/UHF 91 5MHz/2.45GHz/5.8GHz

      Conquest S20: Best 5G Industrial ATEX Explosion Proof Smartphone


      It comes with a Night vision camera with infrared illumination. Apparently in the manner of how all kinds of surveillance cameras work. Let’s highlight the surroundings and transform the result into a visible image. This function is good for the hunter or people who love camping.


      The S20 5G comes with NFC (Near Field Communication) functionality. Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless connectivity technology that makes life easier and more convenient for consumers around the world by making it simpler to make transactions, exchange digital content, and connect electronic devices with a touch. The S20 5G phone has a built-in FM radio. The built-in FM Radio is great for listening to your favorite radio station.


      The Conquest S20 5G comes with Android OS v11.0 out of the box, but it is upgradable to the next OS.

      • GPU Mali-G57 MP4
      • OS version Android OS v11.0
      • SoC Mediatek Dimensity 800 MT6873
      • CPU Octa-core, Quad-core 2 GHz Cortex-A76, Quad-core 2 GHz
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