Who we are?

CONQUEST is a professional high-end intelligent rugged handheld terminal manufacturer,we are one of the China’s leading providers of rugged products and services
We specialize in ATEX explosion-proof phones/intrinsically safe phones and rugged tablets, and we are focused on providing our best industrial rugged smartphone for Global customers. 

Conquest IECEx & ATEX certificated rugged phones have been wide used in large numbers of global oil / gas  / chemical / fire safety projects, etc, and got large positive feedback from our global industrial customers which from America,Australia, Europe,Middle East,South Africa,etc.

Why Buy From Conquest?

1. Customer Service – Conquest-Phones.com First and foremost, we are 100% Customer Oriented. Our goal is to help you purchase the perfect camera and your satisfaction is our number one priority.

We do this by publishing exclusive tests, detailed product reviews, customized buying guides and providing real-life sample photos from CONQUEST manufacturers.We are committed to being the most up-to-date explosive proof phones resource in the world.

2. Expert Advice – CONQUEST Phones’ highly professional sales staff of industry professionals, know the products they are selling, and are totally committed to you, our customer. Our associates will give you personalized guidance and trustworthy service.

3. Best Pricing – CONQUEST PHONES will abide by their prices,policies and procedures. In many cases, if you purchase from a non-authorized dealer(the websites offering the mobile phones at rock-bottom prices), manufacturer’s will not honor the warranty on these cameras because they can not verify where that specific company got their products. In other words, you may save a few bucks initially, but it is very possible you may not be backed by the manufacturer if something goes wrong.

4. Reliable Customer Service – Conquest-Phones.com associates understand that it is their individual responsibility to ensure your satisfaction. When you have a question or concern, each associate has the authority to do whatever is needed to answer your question or resolve your concern. If we have further cooperation ,we will provide full support for our distributors.

What device can we provide for your project?

IECEx & ATEX certificated intelligent rugged dual-mode intercom handheld terminal,rugged industrial explosion-proof handheld terminal , R&D, production and manufacturing of communication equipment such as Thermal Imaging, IoT handheld terminals, threeanti-vehicle intelligent terminals, rugged intelligent satellite communication handheld terminals.

Below is one of our latest IECEx & ATEX certificated model EX201 – This intrisically safe model support global 5G, 48MP rear camera,NFC,DMR walkie takie,
support industrial customize options: thermal imaging,1D&2D barcode scanner,infrared temperature,etc. Please contact us for further informatin & quotation.

    Our Latest 5G explosion-proof model S20 5G ATEX has been displayed on the largest technology exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa, GITEX in Dubai.

    What Is An Explosive Hazardous Area?

    Explosives hazardous areas occur where flammable liquids, vapors, gases or combustible dusts are likely to occur in quantities sufficient to cause a fire or explosion. Often, these atmospheres are created where gas, vapors, dusts and liquids are in contact with oxygen. Hazardous areas are divided into zones, where the probability of a hazardous atmosphere being present governs the explosion risk. Some areas are more hazardous than others, since it is more likely that there are gasses present. There are explosive gas atmospheres, explosive dust atmospheres, and the explosive atmospheres which may exist in coal mines.

    Safety is the highest priority

    At all places where flammable substances are produced, processed, transported or stored, safety is extremely important – especially in the chemical industry, petrochemical industry, in oil and natural gas production and in mining.

    In order to provide the highest level of safety possible, most countryies legislations have developed corresponding conditions in the form of laws, regulations and standards. These now have to be implemented by companies because the operator of a plant is solely responsible for safe operation in accordance with the safety law, so for the industries that work in the hazardous area, using the intrinsically safe mobile phone/ATEX explosion-proof rugged phone is a mandatory requirement,

    CONQUEST ATEX  Explosion-Proof Mobile Phone

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