Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phone For Hazardous Building Construction

Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phone For Hazardous Building Construction

A job in the construction industry means demanding physical demands on both you and your Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phone. Find someone who is up to the task.

We all know that working in the construction industry means huge physical and mental demands. But have you ever thought about the damage that the average job search site can do to your smartphone? Today’s construction companies rely on many different construction management software applications to get the job done, and construction sites are dangerous places for the phones and tablets that run this critical software. Construction workers – from apprentices to supervisors – need a smartphone that has all the features and has rugged construction capabilities.

While the ruggedness of Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phone is not widely known, phone manufacturers have made rapid strides in recent years. As the construction industry has grown, the cell phone industry has begun to focus on its needs.

Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phone features to look for

Walkie-talkie enabled – DMR or POC (PTT)
Water resistant/waterproof
Impact/vibration resistance
Dust resistant
Extreme temperature capability
Battery capacity
Display capability, shatterproof, easy to use in sunlight, able to wear gloves or use with wet hands, etc.
Comprehensive capabilities in construction management software, mobile field service applications, etc.

What is POC Walkie Talkie Function? (also known as PTT)

POC stands for Pressing on the Cell. It is not strictly a two-way radio technology, but very similar to one.

POC is a technology that uses the mobile phone network to make calls like traditional two-way radios 3G, 4G etc.

Key features;

National and international coverage
If you have access to 3G or better cellular data, you can talk to other POC devices in the 3G coverage area.

Instant sales calls
Unlike a mobile phone, you press a button and speak. There is no dialling, an almost instant connection and no waiting for the call to be answered.

When you make a call, all POC handsets hear it unlike the usual one-to-one calls.

GPS mapping.
Many POC systems allow you to see the real-time location of each POC device.

How does the PTT works.

A POC is a software application (client) on a mobile device that talks to a cloud-based POC server. The server controls the routing of POC calls to all mobile devices in the network. The mobile device can be a dedicated POC phone, any phone, tablet or desktop computer capable of running a client application.

Dedicated POC phones
By far the most convenient device is the dedicated POC handset, as functionally it behaves like a two-way radio with a PTT button and is very loud in a tough weatherproof enclosure. It is easier to use with a smartphone or tablet that has neither a dedicated button” or a “very loud speaker”.

Optional location reporting
Many POC devices have GPS receivers built into them and report this location information to the POC server in real time. This information can be considered as an online mapping using the POC mapping software.

What is Digital mobile radio (DMR) Walkie Talkie Function?

DMR stands for Digital Mobile Radio and is the international standard for two-way radios.The DMR standard allows devices developed by different manufacturers to operate together on the same network, performing all the functions defined in the standard.

DMR walkie-talkie radios have automatic digital mixed mode operation. dmr radio users do not need to switch to analogue operation mode to respond. The handheld radio is specifically designed for mission critical users. It automatically recognises the call signal and sends it in the same mode in which it was received.

The aim of the DMR standard is to create a digital radio system that is less complex and less costly, still allowing equipment from different manufacturers to work together and allowing users to shop around rather than being locked into a private system that will be expensive to replace and maintain.

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the DMR standard. The standard was first approved in 2005 and has been updated and revised several times since then, most recently in November 2018.

How does a DMR radio work?
DMR is a TDMA mode (Time Division Multiple Access), which means it allows multiple users to share the same frequency channel by dividing the signal into different time slots. Each frequency has either slot 1 or slot 2 and each slot can be used by different users.

Do all DMR devices work together?
Yes, no. Basic functions such as voice messages are always possible. You can even use functions that are not part of the defined DMR standard if the manufacturer of choice has performed interoperability testing.

Before deciding which new product to buy, it is a good idea to check the features you currently use to see if they are unique to the current device.

What frequencies do DMR devices operate on?
Digital Mobile Radios operate on frequencies between 30 MHz (megahertz) and 1000 MHz, or 1 MHz (gigahertz). This frequency range is divided into two categories.

Very High Frequency (VHF) – the range between 30 MHz and 300 MHz.
Ultra High Frequency (UHF) – 300MHz ~ 1ghz.

Most DMR equipment falls into the 136 – 174 MHz and 403 – 527 MHz parts of the spectrum. Each country has its own organisation that issues licences for different frequencies.

Some DMR frequencies are designated as unlicensed (for DMR Tier I), while other frequencies require a licence to use.

Benefits of Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phone in the Hazardous Building Construction?

1.Provide Safe and Secure Mobile Communications
Intrinsically safe cell phones provide safe and secure mobile communications in classified or hazardous areas. You can stay connected within Class 1, Zone 1 classified hazardous areas (Zone 1/21, Zone 1, Zone 2/22). Intrinsically safe cell phones must meet specific battery design standards to achieve UL, ATEX directives, or IECEx certification for use in explosive environments.

2. Equipment Life
In manufacturing, rugged industrial handpieces play a key role in the entire value chain, from material collection, inbound and outbound logistics, procurement, demand management, order fulfillment, and manufacturing process management, to product development, commercialization, and last-mile delivery. Therefore, the first benefit of a ruggedized facility is its extremely durable and tested construction, enabling the equipment to operate under extreme climatic and operating conditions, as well as their resistance to physical shock, moisture, water, heat, and even sandstorms.

3. Inventory Management
Factory and warehouse management is essential for manufacturers. These warehouses store a variety of valuable items, parts and raw materials that can be used for a variety of manufacturing processes, machine maintenance and distribution. These along with finished goods mean keeping in an organized order and having proper accountability at all times. Did you know? rfid-based rugged devices greatly help improve inventory management by extending real-time information about goods entering and leaving the warehouse without opening boxes.

4. Maintenance machinery
The success of a manufacturing unit depends on the smooth operation of all machines to maintain the required level of efficiency in the production process. The use of industrial rugged phones has proven to be very beneficial to engineers as they allow them to seamlessly update accurate information records, share and access data in real time with managers and teams, and interact easily with customers and stakeholders. Overall, ruggedized devices improve communication, consistency, synchronization, reduced downtime, faster decision making, and increased productivity.

5. Improved process visibility
All of their work now needs to be in sync with each other, which means they need to always be told which operations need attention, which items are available, which need to be replaced or filled, which orders are waiting to be delivered, and so on. This means they need to communicate with each other at different touch points with real-time data, updates and information. Here, they take advantage of the Industrial Rugged cell phone, which allows them to communicate with each other effortlessly and instantly, and most importantly, provides complete visibility of the entire manufacturing process from start to finish.

    Recommended Industrial Rugged Phones Prodcuts For You

    CONQUEST F5 4G Smartphone With 16MP Main Camera 13MP Night Vision Camera Global Version Rugged Mobile Phones

    $ 679.99$ 749.99
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    CONQUEST Rugged Phones Battery

    Original price was: $ 250.00.Current price is: $ 150.00.

    CONQUEST EX201 Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phone ATEX Rugged Phone For Oil Gas Chemical Fire Safety

    $ 1,998.00$ 2,586.00
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    CONQUEST Rugged Phone Dock Charger For S20 / S21 / S19 / S18 / S16 / S12

    Original price was: $ 99.99.Current price is: $ 59.99.

    CONQUEST S23 Rugged Phone 12GB+256GB Night Vision Camera 5G Global Unlock Outdoor Smartphone

    $ 129.00$ 1,399.99
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    CONQUEST S22 5G Rugged Tablet 48MP Four Camera 8 Inch Global Version Night Vision Industrial Mobile Phones

    $ 1,098.99$ 1,298.99
    CONQUEST S22 5G Rugged Tablet 48MP Four Camera 8 Inch Global Version Night Vision Industrial Mobile Phones Note: Please kindly

    CONQUEST S22 5G ATEX Rugged Tablet 48MP Four Camera 8 Inch Global Version Night Vision Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phones

    $ 1,499.00$ 1,699.00
    CONQUEST S22 ATEX 5G Explosion-proof Tablet 48MP Four Camera 10000mAh Global Version Night Vision Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phones Note: Please

      3 Top 4G & 5G Intrinsically Mobile Phones Recommend

      Conquest S18: Highly Ruggedized Industrial Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phone

      Most durable

      S18 IP68 grade waterproof and dustproof, 1.8 meters anti-drop, multi-functional Industrial Rugged Phone. Polycarbonate and glass fiber has the high strength and hardness, and TPU soft material has the excellent cushioning performance with no degumming and no color change

      Cutting-Edge Design
      • Android 8.1, IP68 Waterproof
      • Polymer 9000mAh large battery
      • Rear camera 48MP + Front camera 13MP
      • 3 charging methods (line charging, cradle charging, magnetic suction)
      Highly Ruggedized
      • Rigid anodized aluminum body
      • Reinforced with protective rubber edges for extra protection
      • Extreme shock and scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass®, glove compatible
       Other features
      • Strong Flashlight, Flash Lighting
      • Dedicated programmable buttons (PPT keys, custom-built)
      • “Dual slot DMR digital-analog intercom/analog intercom is optional
      • Infrared Remote

      Conquest S19: Multi-module Industrial Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phone

      DMR Digital/Analog Intercom
      • Dual time slot data transmission
      • Dual-channel/Support relay station
      • 4WNVHF(136- 174MHz)/
      • 350 MHzNHF(136-1 74MHz)
      • UHF(400-4Z0MHz)
      Corning Gorilla Glass

      The glass cover is made of 5th generation Corning Gorilla explosion-proof glass, Solid and durable,scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant with a silky touch, it will get you out of the awkward feeling of using a screen protectors and giving your fingers a pleasant and silky touch.

      Barcode & RFID Support
      • 2D Barcode Support: PDF41 7/QR Code/Data Matrix etc
      • 1DBarcode Support: Code128/UCC/EAN-128/AIM128/EAN-8/ISBN/ISSN > 5mail
      • LF 125KHz/134.2KHz/HF 13.56MHz
      • UHF 433MHz/UHF 91 5MHz/2.45GHz/5.8GHz

      Conquest S20: Best 5G Industrial Intrinsically Mobile Phone


      It comes with a Night vision camera with infrared illumination. Apparently in the manner of how all kinds of surveillance cameras work. Let’s highlight the surroundings and transform the result into a visible image. This function is good for the hunter or people who love camping.


      The S20 5G comes with NFC (Near Field Communication) functionality. Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless connectivity technology that makes life easier and more convenient for consumers around the world by making it simpler to make transactions, exchange digital content, and connect electronic devices with a touch. The S20 5G phone has a built-in FM radio. The built-in FM Radio is great for listening to your favorite radio station.


      The Conquest S20 5G comes with Android OS v11.0 out of the box, but it is upgradable to the next OS.

      • GPU Mali-G57 MP4
      • OS version Android OS v11.0
      • SoC Mediatek Dimensity 800 MT6873
      • CPU Octa-core, Quad-core 2 GHz Cortex-A76, Quad-core 2 GHz

        The Frequency Asked Questions of Industiral Rugged Phones

        FAQ About Industrial Rugged Phones ?

        Underwater mode disables the touch screen and the three buttons at the bottom of the screen. All menus of this interface are the default menu of the camera mode. If you need to adjust, please exit the underwater shooting mode and adjust it in the normal mode.

        Yes, it has an sd card slot

        • Dual time slot data transmission
        • Dual-channel/Support relay station
        • 4WNVHF(136- 174MHz)/
        • 350 MHzNHF(136-1 74MHz)
        • UHF(400-4Z0MHz)

        It depends on your local carriers .

        There are a number of contributing factors which can affect the audio performance of your device:

        The most common cause of poor sound quality is water in the microphone or speaker.

        If the handset has been subject to immersion in water then the microphone and speaker may need to dry out to resume normal functionality.

        You, or the other person you are speaking with, maybe in an area of poor signal. Try moving to a different area.

        You may have dirt/debris covering the microphone or speaker. If so, clean your device.

        Check your order status or check it through 

        The phone works fine, I have not had any problems running any apps.

        This message may appear if your device does not recognize the SIM card.

        Make sure that you have correctly inserted the SIM card.

        Clean the metal side of the SIM card with a dry cloth.

        If the SIM card still not being recognized, please contact your Network provider to ensure the SIM card has been enabled or to check if they have any further instructions.

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